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Instructions for Foreign Student Visas, Entry and Exit Procedures, and Residence Permits


  1. 入境居留申請書1份
  2. 香港或澳門永久居民身份證正本(正本驗畢退還)、影本1份
  3. 有效護照正本(正本驗畢退還)、影本1份
  4. 滿20歲者需附香港或澳門警察紀錄証明書(需3個月內有效),且需經駐外館驗證(良民証)
  5. 健康檢查合格證明正本(依行政院衛生福利部公告之一,項目-乙表,3個月內有效)
  6. 海聯分發書或教育部核准自招港澳學生之大學核准入學函影本
  7. 入境證正本
  8. 證照費:新臺幣2600元


  1. 居留證延期申請書1份
  2. 居留證正本
  3. 在學證明
  4. 學生證(正本驗畢退還)
  5. 學校出具辦理延期事宜之同意書1份
  6. 證照費:已入境停留期間申請臺灣地區居留證(IC卡)者,證照費新臺幣300元


  1. 入出境錯誤更正表1份(需簽名,免相片)。
  2. 臺灣地區居留證/居留入出境證正本
  3. 在學證明或學生證(需蓋有當學期註冊章)
  4. 證照費:免費


雲端線上申辦 (


  1. 外僑居留證申請表1份
  2. 最近一年2吋相片一張
  3. 護照正、影本(正本驗畢退還)
  4. 居留簽證正、影本(正本驗畢退還)
  5. 入學通知書、學生證、在學證明
  6. 海聯會分發書通知書
  7. 證照費:新臺幣500元


  1. 證照費:新臺幣500元
  2. 外僑居留證申請表1份
  3. 2吋相片一張
  4. 護照正、影本(正本驗畢退還)
  5. 居留証正本
  6. 在學証明
  7. 學生證正、影本(正本驗畢退還)


  1. 申請書
  2. 護照
  3. 相片
  4. 在學證明
  5. 遺失居留證聲明書或報案證明
  6. 證照費: 新臺幣500元



雲端線上申辦 (

ARC Applying required documents:

  1. 2 inch photo
  2. Passport
  3. Resident visa
  4. Offer letters and certificate of enrollment
  5. agreement of lease/ certificate of dormitory
  6. Scholarship certificate (for MOE/ ICDF recipients)
  7. Fee: NTD 1,000 for one year

ARC Extension required documents:

  1. 2 inch photo
  2. Passport
  3. ARC
  4. certificate of enrollment
  5. Student ID card
  6. Fee: NTD 1,000 for one year

LOST/ DAMAGED ARC required documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Passport
  3. 2 inch photo
  4. certificate of enrollment
  5. Declaration of Loss of ARC or a Crime Report
  6. NT$500

Must be done in person, processing time: 10 workdays


雲端線上申辦 (

 (Limited to the service counter at the Immigration Department Service Station)

Those who hold an “Alien Residence Permit” must get an extension of residence within 15 days after obtaining

the graduation certificate. The extension of the residence period is 6 months plus the graduation month listed on the graduation certificate. If there is a need for further extension, it can be extended for an additional 6 months.

Foreign students (non-Hong Kong and Macao students who, having graduates and thus holding a graduate certificate, wish to continue studying in Taiwan, should re-apply for a “Student” residence visa at the Foreign Affairs Office of theMinister of Foreign Affairs before the expiration of their residence period. These students should not apply for a 6 month extension using the reason “no longer attending school.”

Required documents

  1. graduation certificate
  2. Passport
  3. ARC
  4. Agreement of lease
  5. NT$1,000 (6 months)
  1. A foreign national shall apply for an extension within 30 days before his/her period of residency expires if they have to continue their visiting or residency in Taiwan.
  2. You can buy self – addressed stamped envelope at the immigration.

  3. Egate applying: You can apply for Egate after receiving your ARC at the immigration or at the airport, for further information please visit the link.

National Immigration Agency

Address: No. 15, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100-66, Taiwan, ROC.

MRT Xiaonanmen Station Exit 2

Visitor Visa – apply online

Visitor Visa is a short-term visa for foreign applicants who wish to stay in Taiwan less than 180 days. International exchange students who intend to study at TNUA for one semester (less than 6 months) should contact the Embassy or Taipei Representative Office of Taiwan in your country to apply for the Visitor Visa.

Documents Required :

  • Visa application form.
  • TWO 2-inch photos taken within six months with white background
  • Original copy of passport with blank pages and at least six months validity and 1 photocopy of the page with photo.
  • Offer Letter of TNUA and 1 photocopy.
  • Financial supporting documents, official letters of approval from a competent authority of the ROC; and other relevant documents.

For more information, please visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs 

Resident Visa – apply online

International students officially enrolled at TNUA or International exchange students who intend to study at TNUA for a full academic year should apply for a Resident Visa marked as FS to enter Taiwan.

Documents Required :

  • Visa application form.
  • TWO 2-inch photos taken within six months with white background
  • Original copy of passport with blank pages and at least six months validity and 1 photocopy of the page with photo.
  • Offer Letter of TNUA and 1 photocopy.
  • Original copy and one photocopy of Health Evaluation with a ROC competent authority’s approval.
  • Financial supporting documents, official letters of approval from a competent authority of the ROC; and other relevant documents.

For more information, please visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs

Resident Visa holders please also refer to Note 3 below.


  1. Visa application should be done in advance at ROC Embassy, Consult or Representative Office of the applicant’s own country, as these visas cannot be applied for within Taiwan.
  2. Students who come with a Visa-Waiver entry, Visa on Arrival, or Non-Student Visa, will not be able to ask for a visa extension or a transfer to Studying/Student Visa. Non-degree students cannot apply for Student Status Visa either.
  3. Resident Visa holders are required to apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at the local Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency within 15 days of your arrival in Taiwan.

International degree students (students holding ARC already) are qualified to apply for a Work Permit.

Students who wish to apply for a Work Permit, please visit Workforce Development Agency’s EZ Work Permit website, and apply through ‘Work Permit for Foreign Students, Overseas Chinese Students, and Ethnic Chinese Students’.


  • One’s student status should be qualified with the regulations of Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

  • Workforce Development Agency would revoke the permit if one does not comply to its regulations.

  • According to Employment Services Act, foreigners who work without a work permit will be fined from NT $30,000 to NT$150,000.

  • The work permit (if valid) should be returned to the OIA if one suspends or withdraw from TNUA.

  • The work permit validity is up to 6 months as the case may be.

  • The working hours should not exceed 20 hours per week. (Winter/Summer vacations are not included).

Short-term Mandatory Medial Insurance

According to the Article 22 of “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” by Ministry of Education, every newcomer must possess medical and causality insurance with minimum of six months before landing. Besides, students must submit related insurance document received by National Health Insurance (NHI) in Taiwan. The document should be authenticated by embassies, consulates, representative offices, or authorized agencies by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan) in foreign countries. If one cannot fulfill this request, please ask for further information from Guidance Section or OIA in TNUA.

Students can join TNUA’s insurance program, which is coordinated with Cathay Life Insurance. Its premium for six months charges approximately NT$3,000 (adjusted yearly through participants). New students also can choose off-campus insurances by themselves, but must provide proofs of the insurance.


(1) After finishing the insurance sheet from Student Security Section, or ask for related info from OIA, one can get medical treatment from Mackay Memorial hospital or other hospitals listed in the insurance certificates.

(2) One who seeks medical advice or treatment should pay in advance and ask for a doctor’s note for reimbursement afterward.

(3) One symptom can only be registered per day. Reimbursement of a total amount will be within NT$1,000 for each application one day.

(4) Registration (NT$ 50-150 which depends on the hospitals) and extra fees (NT$ 0-500 which depends on the condition as above) are not included in the reimbursement.

(5) The following conditions are NOT included in the insurance:

[a] Any injury and disease caused by suicide, alcohol and improper medication, crime, or war turmoil.

[b] Infertility, pregnancy, or any complication from above.

[c] Health check, eyesight correction, plastic surgery, dental cleaning, or partial filler transplants.

[d] Fees for Ambulance, certificate of diagnosis, personal nurse, fees for evitable treatments.

[e] Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Hemophilia, Hyperhidrosis, AIDS-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, sexually transmitted disease, congenital disorder, vasectomy, organ transplant, and any disease diagnosed before the insurance policy taken out.

[f] Any charge cause by the hospitalization of dental treatment or any other simple rehabilitation.


The National Health Insurance Act indicates that foreigners who have stayed in Taiwan for more than 6 months and have already been holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC – not Visitor Visa) are obliged to be enrolled in the NHI.

Foreigners with NHI IC card, which would be issued after enrolling in NHI and after paying the NHI fees, students are entitled to receive complete medical services such as: outpatient clinic, hospitalization, Chinese medical treatments, dental care, child delivery, rehabilitation, home care service, and chronic psychiatry therapy etc.

Except the first semester of freshman year, your fee of NHI (about NT$ 4,494) will be included in tuition every semester.

The aim of this regulation is to ensure proper distribution of every medical resource for necessary situations. In short, one only needs to pay basic charges and partial medical charges in normal cases. Yet, one who needs to take physical therapy or stay in a hospital must pay extra fees.

Banks / Post Office

At TNUA, students can withdraw money from ATMs of Post Office and Chinatrust, which are next to TUNA Cafeteria and TNUA bookshop respectively. Most banks in Taiwan open from 9:00 to 15:30, Monday through Friday. They offer customary services such as money deposit, money transfer, currency exchange, and online banking. Post Office offers the same service except from currency exchange.

Required documents to open an account:

  1. Passport

  2. Valid A.R.C.

  3. A signet (or signature)

  4. A minimum cash deposit (NT $100 for Post Office)

  5. Certificate of enrollment (only for those under 20 years old)

TUNA academic or administrative departments / offices offer part-time jobs for foreign students in each semester.
The amount of student and contents of tasks are depending on each offices, the pay is NTD 160 per hour.
For more information, please contact Office of International Affairs.

TNUA dormitory provides single, double and four-bed room. The dormitory rooms are well-furnished and air-conditioned with telephone and internet (Wi-Fi) access. Public facilities include gyms, social rooms, study rooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.

About TNUA’s Accommodation

  1. The dorm rooms are only furnished with beds, desks, chairs, closets and desk lamps. Students have to prepare their own personal hygiene items, single mattresses, blankets, pillows and other items.

  2. There are refrigerators, microwave ovens, electromagnetic stoves, and electric cookers in public kitchens for students to make simple meals. However, cooking inside rooms is strictly forbidden.

  3. School dorm provides access to the Internet, coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Students’ Dorm (for male students) provide WiFi; at Female Dorm you need to prepare Ethernet cable for Internet access.

Please refer to the dormitory fees for 2018 as a reference. (Prices may be subject to change every year.)

For Exchange Students:

All exchange students’ place will automatically be reserved in our Master’s Students Accommodation, which are all Twin Rooms. Very limited Single Rooms are available, if you wish to stay in the Single Room, please contact the exchange student officer as soon as possible before your arrival. (Price of the Single Room will be more expensive than the Double Room.)

Fee of Master’s Students Accommodation:

The fee for the Twin Room for one semester is NTD 22,500. There will also be a NTD 3,000 deposit, which will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy.


Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)
No. 1, Xue-Yuan Road, Beitou District
11201, Taipei City, Taiwan
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University Shuttle Bus

The TNUA university shuttle bus provides transportation between MRT Guandu station to TNUA campus on a regular basis.
Please check the bus timetable here